Welcome in the database of selected papers of

Physics Teachers’ Inventions Fair

to Milan Rojko who started the conference
and to all participants of the Inventions Fairs.

and to all physics teachers who make hard effort
to win students’ favour for physics.


What you can find here:

80 best papers selected from 13 proceedings of Physics Teachers’ Inventions Fairs. The papers are searchable according to the volumes, authors, topics and key words


About Physics Teachers' Inventions Fair

The Physics Teachers' Inventions Fair is an annual conference of physics teachers of all levels – from basic school teachers to university professors. They share ideas about new demonstration and laboratory experiments, long-term projects and how to make their lessons more attractive. There are about 100-150 participants and approximately 40 contributions each year.

About database of selected papers

Papers from the conference are a very good source of teaching ideas because they are mostly ready to be used in the classroom. But as they were published in paper proceedings, they have been badly accessible for people who didn’t attend the specific conference. The idea of building the database of selected papers arrived and at the occasion of the 10th conference in 2005 the first version was presented – on CD and online as well.

According to number of connections to online version of the database and the survey of opinions of the conference attendance done in 2008 the database was considered as a very useful and often used source of ideas for physics teachers of all levels of schools. That’s why the papers from further conferences have been added and in 2012 the implementation of the whole database has been changed to reflect new technologies used on internet. The very best papers were translated into English (not by the authors, but with authors’permission by students of our university) and are available in this database as well.

Not all papers presented on the conference and published in individual proceedings are in the database. Selection criteria (not all papers are in the database) dealt not only with quality of the paper content, but papers have to be oriented on experiments, specially the experiments with simple stuff and easily accessible equipment, or presented ideas how make learning more attractive and active.

In conclusion …

… we would like to express our hope that the database will be useful and inspiring source of teaching ideas. We would like to invite you to come and present your ideas in the future years of the Invention Fair!



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