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We welcome any interesting experiments, pupils' and students' individual work and projects, self-made demonstration tools as well as any other ideas how to improve physics teaching and make physics interesting for pupils.

The conference contributions may take place in any of these forms:

  • Presentation/performance
  • Poster
  • Exhibition (of experiments, demonstration tools, pupils' works, ...)


The time for presentation is usually 10 – 20 minutes. It is possible to give you more time if have a reason for having it, or, of course, if you are an invited speaker. If your presentation requires extra time, please write it and give reasons in the registration form. At presentation, there will be a computer, beamer and an overhead projector available.

We are looking forward to your interesting contributions and ask you to show us also even the things you find really tiny. These very things have been often counted as the most interesting and inspiring at all.

Conference proceedings

The conference proceedings will be published after the conference and shipped to the participants. We will collect the proceedings contributions at the registration desk during your registration. Please bring your contribution in both electronic and printed form.

Maximum length of the contribution is limited to four pages A4. Larger contributions may be accepted, but only after consulting the programme committee. Preferred contribution format is MS Word document. Further information on contribution layout will be published on this place later.

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