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Physics Teachers' Inventions Fair 10 is over. The organizers would like to thank all participants and contributors and hope that the fair was inspirational for all of them.

Electronic materials and more photos promised during the fair could be found in the materials section.


A change of accomodation facility, more details in corresponding section.

The schedule section contains a preliminary schedule of the conference.

Department of Physics Education,
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics,
Charles University in Prague

and the

Physics Pedagogical Section of the
Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists

invite you to the anniversary conference

Physics Teachers' Inventions Fair 10

Prague, 24th - 27th of August 2005

The Physics Teachers' Inventions Fair 10 will take place the 10th time, this year as a part of the World Year of Physics, European programme “Science on Stage” and a UNESCO project.

The Fair is a show of physics teachers' ideas, inventions and activities aimed at improving physics education, making physics more interesting for pupils and students, motivating them and helping them to better physics learning and understanding.

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